FAQ and More


About Handcrafted Soap

     Handcrafted soap is made in small batches and is actually SOAP. When you buy a bar of "soap" from the store, it is often called a "beauty bar" or a "deodorant bar", but not soap. Which is a good thing, because it's not soap at all, but a detergent.
These harsh detergents contain processed chemicals, alcohol & synthetic preservatives, & quite often petroleum products. 
Sometimes it's not what's in the soap that counts, but what's not in the soap.

The component Glycerin, the best moisturizer for your skin, has been chemically removed. Handcrafted soaps retain their natural Glycerin, so it can benefit your skin. Many people find that they no longer need to use moisturizers for sensitive skin after using homemade soaps. In fact, not only have some of our customers ceased to use any other kind of soap, they have said that their skin hasn't felt this good in years. 

What's in our Soaps?

     Ingredients are listed on the packaging for your convenience. If you have food allergies, please use caution with soaps that may contain those foodstuffs in the ingredients.

Customers with severely sensitive skin have sworn by the gentleness of our goat's milk soap. They have found that it is the only type of soap they have found that caused no irritation, however, skin is as individual as the person and your results may vary. If you experience sensitivity, rash, or irritation to a particular scent, please use common sense and discontinue use of that particular variation.  
Our soaps are vegetable based, using the finest vegetable oils. These ingredients include soybean oil & shea butter for moisturizing, palm stearic for hardness, coconut oil for lather And the finest in skin safe fragrance oils & essential oils for the luscious scents. Some soaps contain botanicals or oatmeal. All our soaps contain 6% shea butter, whole goat milk & whole A&D milk which we get from our farming friends right here in Northern Wisconsin. It boosts the gentle cleansing of the Goat Milk Soap.

What's not in our Soaps?

Parabens.  We never have and never will use paraben in our products. 

How Should I Care for My Handcrafted Soaps?

Use a draining soap dish or rack. If the soap sits in water IT WILL MELT!  Keep your bars out of the direct stream of the shower head and they will last longer. Do NOT store your soaps in an airtight container. They must breathe. This will help them to dry out between uses and they will last much longer.

Can I eat this soap or any other products you sell?

It's not a good idea. Even though some of our scents smell good enough to eat even if it looks edible, and smells edible, it will still just tasted like soap. Nothing we sell is edible!

Our Disclaimer:

As all products are tested on our own family and friends we have a reasonable assumption that they are safe for use. We DO NOT test on animals. All ingredients are listed on the products.  If you have a sensitivity or allergy to a particular ingredient, DO NOT use that variation or product.  If you develop irritation after using a particular variation or product please discontinue use. Lone Tree Soap Company and all it's agents cannot be held liable for misuse or abuse of a product or failure to discontinue use of product after irritation initially occurs.